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Pet Buyer's Questionnaire

Please fill out the following information if you're interested in adopting one of our cats. 

This will help us get a better picture of you and which cat would best fit into your family.    


Significant other :





Phone (home):       Cell/Other:




Significant Others Occupation:


Significant Others Employer:    










Where did you hear about Asian Bamboo Bengals?    if Other, explain


1. Do you live in a    (If other, please specify)

2. How long have you lived there?

(If less than 2 years, please give previous address)

3. Do you rent?

4. If you rent does your landlord’s allow pets?   

5. May we contact your landlord?    

Landlord’s name Phone

6. Name of veterinarian/animal hospital

7. How much per month are you able to spend on medical care? $

8. Would you object to us visiting your home?

9. How many hours per day will your kitten/cat be left alone?    

Where will your kitten/cat be kept during this time?

10. Will the cat be kept? (If both, please explain)

11. Where will you keep your litter box?

12. Is anyone in your household allergic to animals?    If “yes” are they on medication that can control the allergies?

13. Have you owned a cat before? If “yes” what happened to them? (If deceased, please state cause of death and how long ago)

14. What do you know about Bengals?

15. Do you currently own any animals? Dog/s Cat/s Other How many?

16. When were they last taken to the vet? Reason

17. List the names and ages of all children living at home

18. Who will be responsible for feeding, grooming, and training your new pet?

19. How will you handle problem behaviors, such as clawing furniture, digging in potted plants, etc?

20. How will you provide for your cat when you are out of town?

21. What will happen to your cat if you move?
                Out of state

22. What type of diet will you feed your cat? Select all that apply
                Raw (type) Canned(brand) Dry (brand) Table Scraps

23. Under what circumstances would you not keep this cat?
                Divorce Move New Baby New Job Illness Other (specify)

24. Do you plan to de-claw your cat?

25. What is your favorite characteristic about the Bengal Breed?

26. What websites have you visited to educate yourself on the Bengal breed?

27. What pattern and color of Bengal are you looking for?

28. What is the origin of the Bengal breed, i.e., what wild cat are Bengals derive from?

29. How did you hear about us?

30. Cats can live longer than 15 years and taking excellent care of their health (nutrition, litter, etc)
can amount to over $1200 per year. Are you prepared to accept this kind of responsibility for their ENTIRE life?

25. Why do you want a Bengal? (please number as many choices as apply in order of importance:1,2,3…)



To impress others/Decoration

For children

For spouse

As a gift

For other pet

To show

To breed

Catch mice





Sex Desired:

Thank you for completing this application.


If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Bengal for your family.