Bengal Veterinary Examination



Attention New Bengal Kitten Owners:


Please have your veterinarian fill out this Veterinary Examination Check form.

NOTE: Please do not ask you vet to mail this as we would prefer our client mail this back to us.


As stated in our contract we would prefer this within 72 hours after visit if and when at all possible. We understand when weekends and holidays restrict this.


This document must be filled out and sent back or contract is null and void.

The information herein is solely for pet owners to have a thorough understanding of their new Bengal and for both our assurance that it has arrived safely.


Thank You!



Mail to:

Asian Bamboo Bengals


931 E. Old Julian Hwy

Ramona, CA92065




  Has minor problems   __________________________________________


        Has major problems   __________________________________________



Veterinarianís Name _____________________ License#__________________


Clinic Name____________________________ Phone #__________________


Clinic Address ____________________________________________________


Date of Examination: _______/________/________