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San Diego Bengal Kittens for Sale

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About Asian Bamboo Bengal Kittens for Sale Welcome to the Asian Bamboo About Us Page.


While looking thru the want-ads, I saw a picture of a Bengal kitten!! Never having heard of one before, I started spending hours cruising website after website looking at these absolutely beautiful, enchanting bengal cats.

I found a local breeder that was selling a little Silver Spotted girl and off my husband and I went to go see what this Bengal was all about.

While I was sitting on the floor, she climbed up in my lap and started purring and went to sleep.

I was in LOVE. 


The coat was like nothing I'd ever seen before.

Glitter? What is Glitter?

A pelt not a fur coat?

A cat that LIKES to play in water?

A cat that acts more like a dog?

A cat I could teach to play fetch?

A cat that will walk on a leash?

A cat that actually LIKES people!!!

And would you look at those big round eyes!


We paid for this little bundle and she purred snuggled into my neck all the way home.

The Cattery Begins

Once we got this girl home we really started doing our homework, and the more we saw and learned, the more we wanted more. So off we run 5 hours away to pick up a boy to start our breeding program. We ended up bringing home two (a boy and another girl). The rest is history..

We have been blessed with some of the most loving cats and it's even turned my dog loving husband into a cat lover. Every evening he gets down on the floor for his play hour with all the kittens running all over him. We keep all the kittens in the house until they are ready to go join their new families. We have made sure all of our outdoor kennels are dig in AND dig out proof. We make sure all of our boys either have a spayed/neutered companion cat or a litter mate living with them. The ones who weren't born here, or aren't as well socialized, will usually have a shared wall with another cat they get along with.

We put up finch and hummingbird feeders and have planted butterfly/hummingbird attracting shrubs and trees all around the kennels. Not to mention the wild turkeys that showed up a few years ago and keep multiplying, who are constantly strolling thru the kennels digging for bugs. Totally oblivious of the cats on the other side of the wire drooling.

We treat the kittens like a part of the family until they are ready to leave. Once they are crawling around fairly well, we start bringing mom and babies out to the living room and we both lay down on the floor with our Pomeranian and start playing with them. When they are ready to start nibbling real food, we bring out cooked chicken to give them as treats every night. When mom is comfortable, we move them into the living room and then starts their introduction to vacuums, dogs barking, other cats running all over doing the Bengal house laps. The only time they are kenneled is at night for their own safety. Otherwise, they are running all over until bed time

Our Policy

We prefer to sell locally or at least within driving distance, but will ship nationally. For the right cat, we'd consider shipping internationally. We won't ship a cat that we don't feel is emotionally equipped to take the trip. I am always willing (at the buyers expense) to fly the cat out in-cabin to reduce the amount of stress.

We sell all the kittens on a contract and since we have tested the parents for genetic diseases, like HCM, we'll guarantee the kitten from genetic problems for the first 3 years. If anything does develop, and we have it confirmed with a vet, then a suitable replacement will be made. We will ALWAYS take any of our kittens/cats back, but will only refund under special circumstances.  (See our health guarantee)

When your new kitten arrives at your home, they will have had all their vaccines (we use Feline UltraNasal® FVRCP Vaccines at 12 weeks) and been wormed a minimum of 3 times. They are spayed/neutered, have had a vet check and will have a health certificate if they are traveling. All of our cats are required to live inside, or can be outside under supervision or day time play time in a kennel. All are to be supplied the proper equipment, (such as scratching posts, climbing trees, toys). They must be kept in good health and most importantly …. LOVED!!!

We will always be willing to help out with any problems you have for the life of the cat. They are all litter box trained, scratching post trained and well behaved (as well behaved as an energetic Bengal can be). So if they start having problems, then we'll always be happy to help.


All we ask in return is


We LOVE getting pictures of our babies as they grow.

Just remember....

Bengals are interactive cats
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