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AsianBambo Kirameki

(aka Kira)

Born 6/14/06.  She's a beautiful, highly glittered, VERY loving silver girl.  She went to live with a family with a neutered boy and decided she wanted the house to herself.  She needs to be in a one cat home.  She has a very glittered silky coat that makes you want to just keep petting her.  She is also use to living with a small dog.



AsianBambo Shinamon

(aka Cinnamon)

Born 8/07/07.  She is a very sweet love bug.  We were going to keep her in our breeding program, but never used her.  So we want to see her go into a nice forever home.  She is currently living with a neutered boy and a neutered girl, so she plays well with others.  She also doesn't mind the dog.



AsianBambo Hoshi Boi (Hoshi)

Born 12/09/07.  Hoshi is a real lover boy.  He was going to be my show boy for this season.  He went to 3 kittens shows before we had to quit showing this year.  His sire is our RW SGC AsianBambo Ken ichi and brother to Nushi Boi.  He is available as a loving pet.  He likes to travel and loves to snuggle.