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We are still under construction and waiting for Spring!!! 


All the kennels have beds inside the centers of cable reels.  They are thick cardboard with a wax coating, so stay warm in the winter and set up high to give them the confidence of being up off the floor.  They are supplied with clean bedding and have room for a few cats to be able to cuddle up.

We put some kind of tree limb in each pen for climbing and scratching.  Some are on concrete, some on a wooden deck platform covered in artifical grass, some with artificial grass with concrete stepping stones lining the inside perimeter.  There is no way for any one to be able to dig out or anything to dig in.   And with the grass and concrete, they have the ability to roll and scratch off any dead hair.

All kennels have roofing.  We are in the process of making sure all have some 'open' roof and some 'closed' roof, so all of them can enjoy sun when they want, and shade and rain protection when they want.  We eventually will have shelves in all of them to give them more climbing opportunites.

All the cats have at least one other cat in there kennel or next to them so they have 24/7 company and 'other cat' interaction.  Almost all of our studs have been raised with a male companion and most of the kennels have very little in the way of a solid wall to separate them.  With our excessive spraying males, we have put plastic carpet runners on the kennels walls at the appropriate level to keep them from being able to spray their neighbors food, water, or body.

We have put bird feeders all over the yard to attract birds close to the pens as kitty entertainment.  We've also planted a lot of hummingbird and butterfly attractants.  We rotate all our cats for a turn in the play pen.  They get to roll in real grass, climb tree limbs and play a good old game of tag!!  We are in the process of building a 16' x 45' Quonset hut style, net covered play area.  As our Queens retire, the ones that can't find a forever home, they are spayed and become a forever companion for our boys.  Our main goal is to keep our boys all entertained to keep the boredom down. 

And they say it never snows in S. California!!  Freak snow storm Feb 2008.



HomeStudsQueensKittensBlue KittensAvail Adults

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